Dreams aren't meant to be just fantasies, they are Visions to Manifest into Reality. 


Adrenal Art is a radical, adrenaline pumping art spectacle painting during various adventure sports or adrenaline pumping situations. As Alan Watts said, dancing isn't about reaching the end position, or perfect canvas, but it's about creating the most joyful dance, creative process and life.​ Blending adventure sports, art and defying odds are elements that create my most exciting process.

The purpose?

To inspire people to believe in bringing their wildest dreams into reality. By showing that truly anything is possible if you believe in your vision.

adrenal art gensis nft series 111

A mouthwatering addition of motion graphics to adventure sports and digital art, blend together to create crunchy fresh NFTs. This a sample taster of the style.

Digital Art x Motion Graphics from below to be added to the series.

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mind warping, jaw dropping art adventures

Adrenal Art Origins Story

Living on a paradisal island as managing partner of a yoga school for three years, it felt like it was time for a new chapter. While sitting on the beach I pondered working in an office before the iridescent sunset reflecting on the fluffy clouds inspired an insane idea. I wanted to paint while skydiving!

Having never sky dived before, synchronicity put all the pieces together within weeks and I painted on my first 2 sky dives. These were sandwiched between creating 8 art pieces for a regional Burning Man and my first Adrenal Art piece - painting while riding a dirt bike at a volcano in Bali.  


Invited by PAKS Gallery to showcase at Louvre Museum in Paris, Cannes Biennale, Biennale Basel, MAMAG Modern Art Museum as well as their galleries across Europe. A creative kaleidoscope that is skilled in digital art, abstract art, installations, video, motion graphics, improv theatre, intuitive art, & contact improve dance.


20% of proceeds from NFTs will be distributed to  empower African farmers with skills, resources & livelihood via planting trees via trees.org.


20% of sales goes to trees.org to plant trees & provide a livelihood to African farmers.

Spirit animal series 222 

Wilder adrenal art adventures.

 20% of each NFT fosters endangered animals.

Series 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999

Each following Adrenal Art series gets more extreme
& 20% of sales is redistributed to uplift our planet.

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