Installations and massive canvases

Flying Carpet

A flying carpet, a high quality canvas print, that is flown by a mystical caped being that has a plasma ball for a head. An interactive installation, that personifies the spirit of the mystical forest at the regional Burning Man in Thailand, Koh Phangan Man. The island where the artist was a resident for three years, before travelling across South East Asia to manifest Adrenal Art.   

magic carpet installation1.jpg


Draco is a 2 headed, 9-meter long dragon. A co-creation with a talented metal crafter saw this installation come to life. Ignited with various coloured lights, this installation comes to life in the evenings in the mystical forest area of Koh Phangan Man.

Dragon 2.PNG


This installation personifies the evolution of life on Earth. With trees growing as feet, the DNA strands twirl to a human that evolves with wings to the sky. Created from an art piece made a couple of years prior.

Neo installation.jpg

Astro - Dance floor

The central art piece at the dance floor of Koh Phangna Man is a 3x3 meter print out of ' Astronaught '. Commissioned for the festival, the art personifies the community of misfits and explorers that don't fit into the mass hallucination of society, yet come together with an open heart in a transient community.

IMG_2059 (1).JPG
Commissioned Canvas Print, 3x3m

Fluid fuzz

Abstract art to liven up pathways at festivals. The art is made with acrylic paints on a canvas, before being photographed and printed onto massive canvases, 5x1 meters here.

Abstract art on canvas, photographed and printed on canvas, 5x1m

astral whaling

The environment denotes the island, a congruence of stardust & the Pacific waters. The stars are to add a dreamlike feel, where anything is possible. The bubble in the hands at shows a creator manifesting a new world while moving towards the light. The stars & nebulas above this come together to form a whale swimming in the astral waters to remind us that even though each galaxy is seemingly so far from the other, we’re all so very connected in this dance, swim of the universe

Astral Whale Burning Man (2).JPG
Astral Whaling.jpg
Commissioned Canvas Print, 3x2m