Rainbow Warrior series

The Rainbow Warrior series is the next evolutionary step of Adrenal Art series. It sees Akizard blend together Adrenal Art with his roots in digital art, as well as abstract explorations.


The Rainbow Warriors is a prophecy of the Hopi people, a Native-American tribe, that says that when the Earth is ravaged, and the animals dying, a new tribe of people will form. From all parts of the planet, from different races, castes and creed, they'll come together to make the Earth green again. The artist personifies this through various characters as this prophecy manifesting now would be a boon to the human race.

Elon tesla

A tribute to our planet's visionary inventor, that like Tesla, fast forwards our evolution with he aid of technology that revolutionizes our lives.

“The first step is to establish something is possible. Then probability will occur. “

Elon Mesla Canvas final.jpg
Mixed Media on canvas, 27x27cm


Having tuned into her intuitive self, Vision has accessed clairvoyance. This has expanded her spectrum of awareness to include guidance from her soul via meditative states and dreams. This allows her to better shape her life in the present for what best resonates with her future self.

Mixed Media on canvas, 27x27cm


Beyond the thoughts of the day-to-day activities, lies a pretty lucid universe. By minimizing the chatter of the monkey mind & getting the reins of the horse of our awareness, we can tap into the realms that most would consider fiction. 

By accessing quantum realms, she can jump timelines, into parallel realities. Accessing the mystical realm, gives her a lot of boons.

Mixed Media on canvas, 27x27cm

lady bird

Being the bridge between humans & our flying friends, she’s a channel of wisdom & insight. Birds have a lot of knowledge to share, from their different perspective, lightness & way of life.

There are various tribes that work with birds via flutes & other musical & soulful instruments. They work with wind, lightness & have a far seeing perspective with their bird’s eye vision. 

Bird Lady Canvas.jpg
Mixed Media on canvas, 27x27cm


Having pondered into a glitch in reality, this unique soul dived into the astral plane. A dimensions where our imagination manifests instantly into the experience of reality. He spends his days diving into parallel worlds, meeting interesting characters and understanding new concepts of reality.

Mixed Media on canvas, 27x27cm

psychedelic vision

A personification of a muse's performance character. Through the power of empathy, she unlocked psychedelic vision, being able to see chakras by their colors. This gives her a sense of the other's state of being, emotions and possibly thoughts. She uses this skill to tactfully dance through this world.

Mixed Media on canvas, 27x27cm

will smith

Apart from being a high school rap sensation to a blockbuster movie star, what adds Will Smith to this series is because of his awakened family. His wife and kids are developed in all sides, creativity, spiritual and humanely. Not only do they manifest their creative capabilities, but they give back to the rest of mankind.

Mixed Media on canvas, 27x27cm

Teal swan

Having integrated her own harrowing life experience, she inspires millions of people around the world towards truth, authenticity, freedom, and joy.  

Teal Swan’s worldwide following has given her the moniker “The Mirror.” She has earned this moniker because “when you step in front of her, you see the truth of yourself and the truth of the universe”.

Mixed Media on canvas, 27x27cm