Dreams aren't meant to be just fantasies, they are Visions to Manifest into Reality. 

adrenal art

the experimental phase

seed 111 1/1 NFTs
of 10 pfp collections & 1 mystery NFT

There will be numerous series following this that get wilder & more extreme


10 giveaways to 10 impeccable 10 nft collections

100 whitelist commissions of nfts only from these collections

1 mystery nft auction

22.2% of proceeds goes to trees.org to plant trees & provide a livelihood to African farmers

Spirit animal series 222 

wilder adrenal art adventures

 22.2% of each nft fosters endangered animals

Series 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999

Each following Adrenal Art series gets more extreme
& has a % to uplift our planet