Akizard - Press Kit

Adrenal Art is a radical, adrenaline pumping art spectacle. It comes to life by Akizard infusing his zest for exploring new art processes, calling for adventure and desire to inspire.​

The purpose?

To inspire people to believe in bringing their wildest dreams into reality, by showing that truly anything is possible if you believe in your vision.

For enquiries, email akizard333@gmail.com

Lava in the Sky

Seven months after conceiving the idea, Akizard manifested his dream to paint in the sky. His skydive was on the same day as the volcano in Bali erupted, where he was the day before, thus selecting a molten palette. Lava resembles the uproar of stagnant energy to allow room for a transformation, a spiritual re-love-ution.

The SkyLab was created for this project, a container that plays as a studio in the sky. He even had an air pump to create splatters, resembling shifts in consciousness that occur during such transient times.

Lava in the Sky sky dive picture.jpg
Acrylic on panel 25x25x4 cm

Volcanic PHOENIX

The first of the Adrenal Art series is painted at the foothills of a Balinese volcano, whilst on a dirt bike. He paints by slicing open paint filled balloons with a sword, before continuing with a broom and pouring from a cup. 


The canvas has  a layer of volcanic dust, crushed from molten rocks to resemble the old way of life. A volcanic eruption resembles a re-love-ution, portrayed by slicing the paint out of the balloons. An eruption clears the way for lives to be transformed from the old into the new, from reality into dreams and from a spiritually asleep species to an awakened one.

Acrylic on volcanic powder on canvas 80x80x3 cm

Bird's Eye View

Bird's eye view resembles the serenity of nature as experienced from 10,000 ft in the clouds. The painting's flowing colors portrays the tranquility and eccentricity of what our mother earth provides us. 

It resembles the gifts each of has within us. Taking the time to develop and personify these talents will lead to more radiance, joy and harmony on our planet. With artificial intelligence looking to take upwards of 20% jobs in the coming years, it is the time to let go of robotic jobs and find what really makes us come alive. So the artist paints while skydiving, to inspire you to humor the idea that anything is really possible and to have the courage to manifest your dreams into reality.

2nd Skydive RAW smaller.jpg
Acrylic on canvas 30x30x5 cm


Bike Burnout.png
Broom Bike painting.png
Cart Wheel paint.png