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A creative kaleidoscope - digital art, abstract art, art installations, motion graphics, projections, video editor & website builder.

Created installations for Burning Man, invited by PAKS to showcase at Louvre Museum in Paris, Cannes Biennale, Biennale Basel & MAMAG Modern Art Museum.

Art Origins

After experiencing an out of body experience during his sleep, he cultivated a meditation practice that led to inner visions. He took to visionary art to personify these experiences and visions.

Personal life

Alongside his creative side, he founded Rainbow Tree to plant seeds of meditation, creativity, mindfulness & gratitude amongst children.


He left city life to live in a spiritual community on an island, Koh Phangan, Thailand, for 3 years (Where the movie the Beach was written).

There he became the managing partner of Gaia Yogashala - a yoga center that specializes in training yoga teachers from all over the world. This provides a doorway out of the 9-5 matrix & adds ease to people's lives.

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